Climate data format

Climate data can be downloaded as multilayer raster GeoTIFF (.tif) files. Projection is WGS 84 / UTM zone 38 (epsg: 32738) and resolution is 1km on an extent covering Madagascar. Data type is INT16 (16-bit integer value) with -32768 set as no value. Each raster has 70 layers (named from raster.1 to raster.70) and an approximate size of 25 Mo. Layers describe the following climate variables:

LayersClimate variable
1-12Monthly minimum temperature (°C x 10)
13-24Monthly maximum temperature (°C x 10)
25-36Monthly total precipitation (mm.month-1)
37-55Bioclimatic variables (bioclim)
56-67Monthly potential evapotranspiration (mm.month-1)
68Annual potential evapotranspiration (mm)
69Annual climatic water deficit (mm)
70Number of dry months in the year

These raster files can be easily imported into any GIS software. If you use R and the raster package, you can import the raster and rename the 70 layers with the following piece of code:

s <- stack("file.tif")
names(s) <- c(paste("tmin",1:12,sep=""),paste("tmax",1:12,sep=""),

Then you can plot the number of dry months for Madagascar for example:

Current number of dry months.

Current number of dry months.